From Amafilter in 1930 to Filtration Group Process Systems in 2016

What started as a small factory in Amsterdam in 1930 with Mr. Benjamins as AMA, "Amsterdam Machine & Apparatenfabriek" is now part of the fastest growing filtration company in the world. With over 7200 dedicated employees across the globe and partners in almost every country, Filtration Group Process Systems (amafilter - LFC Lochem) is preparing for a bright future.

What started as a small factory in Amsterdam in 1930 with Mr. Benjamins as AMA, "Amsterdam Machine & Apparatenfabriek" is now part of the fastest growing filtration company in the world. With over 7200 dedicated employees across the globe and partners in almost every country, Filtration Group Process Systems (amafilter - LFC Lochem) is preparing for a bright future.

2016 Filtration Group Process Systems, rebirth of amafilter® & LFC Lochem®

Late 2016 Filtration Group Corporation completed the acquisition of the industrial filtration business of MAHLE GmbH.


For Filtration Group the acquisition adds filtration capabilities in industrial filtration across a variety of applications including industrial air filtration, process filtration, hydraulics and fuel separation and replacement elements.


Despite it's absence since 2008, most of our loyal customers know us by our original brandnames amafilter® & LFC Lochem® . With Filtration Group these brands returned complementary to the new name "Filtration Group Process Systems" .


With it's headquarters and manufacturing plant based in Lochem, the Netherlands and offices in The Netherlands, Germany, UK, France, Poland Czech Republic and Hungary and many agents across the globe Filtration Group Process Systems looks forward to a bright future within Filtration Group.


2009 Filtration Group Corporation

Seeing the need to make the world safer, healthier and more productive, Madison Industries set out in 2009 to build a filtration business with an unparalleled array of products and customer-centric solutions to meet some of the most demanding applications.

Madison Industries is one of the largest and most successful privately held companies in the world. Madison Industries fostered and built exceptional companies that are essential to our collective health and well-being. Our platform is designed to empower companies whose products make our lives better today and build them into the market leaders of tomorrow.

Today, Filtration Group is the fastest growing filtration company in the world. Filtration Group is passionate about cleaning air, reducing carbon emissions, increasing energy efficiency and keeping food, water and medical procedures safe through its wide range of filtration solutions. Serving industry leaders across the globe, Filtration Group operates facilities in 20 countries under four strategic business units:

  • Medical / Bioscience
  • Liquid / Process
  • Environmental Air 
  • Fluid

Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, Filtration Group provides solutions to customers in the food & beverage; water, micro-electronics & telecommunications; environmental air; medical, pharma & bioscience; hydraulic fluid; mining & minerals; industrial finishing and energy industries.


2008 MAHLE Industrie Filtration

MAHLE, one of Germany's largest suppliers in the automotive industry, acquired the Amafiltergroup in 2008, adding industrial filtration to it's portfolio and rebranding the company as "Mahle Industrial Filtration".


Mahle Industrial Filtration specialized in the cleaning and processing of industrial oils and lubricants as well as air and water. With its extensive application expertise, in-house research and development, technical center, laboratory and design department, it offered its customers tailor-made filter components and process engineering solutions.


The original amafilter® - LFC Lochem® products were sold under the MAHLE brand name. 


2004 Amafiltergroup

In 2004, Mr. Davi, Ambler and McLennan acquired Amafilter.


Combining the expertise, synergy of technology and filter products of Amafilter and it's biggest competitor LFC Lochem with Nowata (USA), Vanpipe (UK) and Eurofiltec (France) the Amafiltergroup was formed.


At this point Amafiltergroup had a workforce of 120 people and around 50 people working in offices around the world.


1979 Liquid Filtration Consultants (LFC) Lochem

In 1979, three employees of Machine Factory Arnhem started their own company to produce pressure leaf filters and called the company “Liquid Filtration Consultants“.


Franny Veldkamp traveled around the world in search for potential customers, Jan Middelhof and Dirk Dorland we’re responsible for calculations and drawings. The company started with just an archive closset, a typewriter and an old drawing table.


LFC Lochem quickly gained an outstanding reputation as an innovative engineering and manufacturing company that has specialized in liquid filtration technology. Over the years, LFC has developed and perfected many filtration products. This resulted in a high quality, comprehensive standard programme for widely diverging industries. LFC’s excellent reputation in the field of filtration technology rests on its ability to quickly respond to specific customer requests by producing fully customized products.



1976 Eurofiltec, France

Eurofiltec was created in 1976 as the first French filtration company, designing and manufacturing filters for liquid and gas applications in oil & gas, chemical, pharmaceuticals, food and nuclear industries.


In Orange, Caderousse still many of our quality products (consumables) are manufactured by a dedicated team of specialists.


Eurofiltec was added to Amafiltergroup. In 2016 joined Filtration Group Corporation as part of it's Process Systems division acquired from Mahle GmbH. The company is now called Filtration Group S.A.S. 


Filtration Group S.A.S. Process Systems is still able to produce and supply many spare parts for older Eurofiltec filter systems. In it's manufacturing plant near Caderousse, France still many of it's quality products (consumables) are manufactured by a dedicated team of specialists. Filtration Group S.A.S. is highly skilled for it's products used in the nuclear market.

1968 Vanpipe, Filtration Group Ltd., United Kingdom

Vanpipe Limited was founded in 1968 as a subsidiary of Vanroy Limited, Stoke-On-trent, United Kingdom. The main trading activity of the company was the design, supply and installation of carbon steel pipework and utilities systems for the power industry.


Vanroy Limited had been formed in 1958 to manufacture column internals and tower packings for the petrochemical Industry. During the early 1970’s Vanroy gradually withdrew from this market and consolidated its activities to marine and sewage pumping systems. This culminated in 1978 when Vanroy was finally sold to the Triga Titan/DAE Group of Denmark.


During the 1970’s Vanpipe Limited took over many of the internal activities of Vanroy Limited and gradually developed the production of pressure vessels. Many of the tradesmen, engineers and staff had been with the company for more than 20 years, and hence constituted a considerable resource of practical experience and manufacturing knowledge from within of the process plant industry.


In 1978 the three directors, Stephen Harding, David Fairbrother and Ron Wood purchased Vanpipe Limited from Vanroy Limited. The new partnership consolidated the various activities of the company, and with strong emphasis on quality assurance, commenced the development of a mechanical engineering company providing specialist design, manufacturing and installation services to the power, petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical, process plant and offshore oil and gas industries.


In 1986 the company purchased the range of LIQUID/GAS FILTRATION PRODUCTS formerly manufactured by Doulton Industrial Products from Fairey Industrial Ceramics Ltd. This lead to the formation of VANPIPE PROCESS SYSTEMS by the consolidation of the existing process module and pressure vessel manufacturing facilities with the ability to offer completely engineered systems, supported by the technology and know-how developed by Doulton Industrial Products from 20 years in the filtration business.


Following the acquisition of Doulton Industrial Products Filtration Technology, the Company experienced a significant growth in demand for its principal products, also a substantial improvement in its market share. These factors, coupled with increased export activity, necessitated an expansion of the Company’s Design and Manufacturing resources.


In 1988 Vanpipe moved to the present larger factory and offices in Navigation Road (total site area 64,000 Sq Ft [6000m2]). The move substantially increased manufacturing capacity, in particular the company’s ability to supply larger sizes and multiple quantities of filtration packages, process modules and pressure vessels.


Following this move, the Company’s ability to design and manufacture process modules/packages for the offshore Oil and Gas industry was rapidly developed. The Company produced many substantial projects, specialising in chemical injection packages and hydrocyclone modules.


The formation of the Process Systems Division brought into being distinct commercial and technological advantages, in particular an expansion of the following areas:

  • Applications Engineering
  • Process and Mechanical Engineering
  • Quality Engineering
  • Mechanical and Production Engineering
  • Development of Filtration Product Range

During the early 90’s Vanpipe took the strategic decision to substantially develop its filtration product portfolio. This has culminated in the Company being able to offer a broad selection of filter products.


In 1996 the company was taken over by Goodtech, Norway.


After a number of difficult years the company became part of the Amafiltergroup in 2004. The Amafiltergroup offered a complete range of products, services and support for filtration and separation technologies on a global basis. As part of the global group, the Stoke facility managed specialised bespoke sales, design, engineering and production of high quality filtration plants and systems in addition to consumable filtration products and after market service and spares for all types of filtration systems.


On 1st September 2008, Amafiltergroup was acquired by MAHLE. Subsequently MAHLE Industrial Filtration (UK) Ltd became a legal entity on 10th June 2009.


In February 2015 the company relocated to Emperor Court in Crewe and ceased to manufacture in the United Kingdom (September 2014).


The business evolved to become a Sales & Engineering business with subcontract manufacturing in the UK and since 2016 is called Filtration Group Ltd., and is part of Filtration Group Process Systems (Amafilter, LFC Lochem) division.

1930 Amafilter Alkmaar

In the 1930’s Mr. L. Benjamins started a company in the Netherlands which sold filtration consumables and parts. After WW2 Mr. Benjamins and his son started importing and not much later producing “Niagarafilters” under the name Amsterdamse Machine- en Apparatenfabriek (Amafilter). Their main market we’re vertical pressure blades for the foodindustry and for export.


Due to rapid growth, AMA moved from Amsterdam to Alkmaar. The new location in Alkmaar expanded multiple times to offer increase in production. In those years many filter types were developed and produced and many filtration products were added to their offerings.


At Amafilter Alkmaar the sale of consumables gained an important part of the company. In 1978 the management of Amafilter Alkmaar consolidated their vision to focus on filtration. The grandson of the founder of Amafilter gained control, mr. Paul Benjamins, and became its director.



Filtration Group has decades of experience in being able to supply innovative filtration technologies to provide optimized solutions for the chemical, food and beverages, oil processing industries current and future challenges.


Our products and services are designed to provide our customers with the highest consistency and quality.

You will find us in almost every industry.

Ever wondered how edible oil is filtered? Or sugar? Beer? Cocoa? Sulphur? Ink? You name it! There is a good chance your product was filtered by one of our products.


Filtration Group Process Systems is active in almost every market that concerns process filtration separating solids from liquids since 1930.

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